Standing Committees

2021-2022 Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Affairs (8)

Considers matters that are directly concerned with the University's achievement of its primary purpose.

Chair: Randy Follett – ENG
Mike Breazeale - COB
Brian Davis – CFR
Erdogan Memili – CALS-MAFES
Andy Perkins – ENG
James Sobaskie - EDU
Andrea Varela-Stokes - CVM
Kimberly Wood – A&S

Ancillary Affairs (8)

Considers matters that are subservient and subordinate to and adjuncts of the primary purpose of the University, but which do not fall within the areas of Student or Faculty Affairs.

Chair: Jason Barrett - EXT
Rachel Allison – A&S
Charles Freeman – CALS-MAFES
Derek Marshall – LIB
Lauren Priddy - ENG
Jacob Tschume - A&S
Paul Tseng – CALS-MAFES
Kevin Williams – A&S

Charter & Bylaws (8)

Regularly reviews and recommends changes concerning the operating procedure, structure, size, representation, and other internal matters of the Senate.

Chair: Robin Fontenot - CVM
Beth Baker – EXT
Matthew Brown – A&S
James Chamberlain – A&S
Alicia Hall – A&S
Melissa Moore - COB
Sorina Popescu – CALS-MAFES
Paul Spurlin – Meridian

Faculty Affairs (8)

Considers those ancillary matters which exclusively or primarily affect the General Faculty.

Chair: Robert Banik – A&S
Alexis Gregory – CAAD
Kimberly Kelly - A&S
Stephanie King – COE
Todd Mlsna – A&S
Adrian Sescu – ENG
Amanda Stone – EXT
Chinling Wang - CVM

Student Affairs (8)

Considers those ancillary matters which exclusively or primarily affect the students.

Chair: Lyndsey Miller - CAAD
Iva Ballard - COB
Tom Carskadon – A&S
Mark Fincher - Meridian
Gnaneswar Gude – ENG
Stacy Haynes - A&S
Ted Wallace – CALS-MAFES
Kelley Wamsley – CALS-MAFES 

University Resources (8)

Studies the allocation of resources to the University and the allocation of resources within the University.

Chair:  Beth Stokes – CFR               
Todd Archer – CVM
Santanu Kundu - ENG
Sol Pelaez – A&S
Rosangela Sebba – COE
Mary Love Tagert – EXT
Molly Zuckerman – A&S

President: Rebecca Robichaux-Davis - COE
Vice President: Missy Hopper - COE
Secretary: Stephanie King - COE