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2017-2018 Faculty Senate Committees

Academic Affairs (8)

Considers matters that are directly concerned with the University's achievement of its primary purpose.

Chair: Noel Addy - COB
Brian Davis - CFR
Deborah Eakin – A&S
Seamus Freyne – ENG
Stephanie Lemley – A&S
Raja Reddy - CALS-MAFES
Andrea Spain - A&S
Joe Wilmoth - CALS

Faculty Affairs (8)

Considers those ancillary matters which exclusively or primarily affect the General Faculty.

Chair: Lesley Strawderman – ENG
Kathleen Alley – COE
Marina Denny - EXT
Lyndsey Miller - CAAD
Kathy Sherman-Morris – A&S
Barry Stewart - CALS-MAFES
Chinling Wang – CVM
David Wipf – A&S

President: Brent Fountain - EXT

Vice President: Randy Follett - ENG

Secretary: Mary Ann Jones - LIB

Ancillary Affairs (8)

Considers matters that are subservient and subordinate to and adjuncts of the primary purpose of the University, but which do not fall within the areas of Student or Faculty Affairs.

Chair: Debra Prince – COE
Guihong Bi - CALS-MAFES
Renee Clary – A&S
Darrin Dodds – CALS
Mary Ann Jones - LIB
Robert Thompson – A&S
Byron Williams - ENG
Kevin Williams – A&S

Student Affairs (8)

Considers those ancillary matters which exclusively or primarily affect the students.

Chair: Stacy Haynes – A&S
Tom Carskadon – A&S
Dipangkar Dutta – A&S
Patty Lathan - CVM
Gregory Martin - CAAD
Fred Musser – CAL-MAFES
Natasha Randle – Meridian
Rani Sullivan – ENG

Charter & Bylaws (8)

Regularly reviews and recommends changes concerning the operating procedure, structure, size, representation, and other internal matters of the Senate.

Chair: Cody Coyne - CVM
Jimmy Avery – Extension
Joey Burt – CVM
Jenny Du - ENG
Wendy Herd – A&S
Edward Potter – A&S
Lindon Ratliff - Meridian
James Sobaskie – A&s;S

University Resources (8)

Studies the allocation of resources to the University and the allocation of resources within the University.

Chair: Laura Grace – CFR
Alan Barefield – EXT
Cecelia Cook – COE
Jamie Larson – CALS
Kent Marett - COB
Sol Pelaez - A&s;S
Rosangela Sebba – A&S
Molly Zuckerman – A&S